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The Charlie Chan Films of Warner Oland

Born Johan Verner Ölund in the village of Nyby, Bjurholm Municipality, Västerbotten County, Sweden. on October 3, 1879, Oland claimed that his vaguely Oriental appearance was due to possessing some Mongolian ancestry.

Oland's facial features allowed him to easily play the part of Oriental characters; Keye Luke reported that he needed no makeup except a "little goatee on his chin". Given Hollywood's reluctance to hire Oriental actors for substantial roles during that period (with only a few reluctant exceptions, such as Anna May Wong, Sessue Hayakawa and Philip Ahn), he portrayed a variety of Oriental characters in several movies before being offered the leading role in the 1929 film, The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu as the first onscreen portrayal of the title character. A box office success, the film made Oland a star and during the next two years, he portrayed the evil Dr. Fu Manchu in three more films. Firmly locked into such roles, he was cast as Charlie Chan in the international detective mystery film Charlie Chan Carries On (1931) and then in director Josef von Sternberg's 1932 classic film Shanghai Express opposite Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong.

Although Oland did act in other films, the enormous worldwide box office success of his Charlie Chan film led to a Charlie Chan industry, with Oland starring in 16 films in total; the series "kept Fox afloat" during the 1930s. The actor-who received $40,000 for each movie-took his role seriously, studying the Chinese language and calligraphy. Oland was also the first actor to play a werewolf in a major Hollywood film, in Werewolf of London (1935) as the werewolf who bites the protagonist, played by Henry Hull.

Oland contracted bronchial pneumonia, worsened by the apparent onset of emphysema from years of heavy cigarette smoking and he died in a hospital in Stockholm on August 6, 1938.

Warning: Plot summaries may contain spoilers!

Charlie Chan Carries On (1931 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster
This is a lost film.

Charlie's pal, Scotland Yard Inspector Duff,is pursuing a murderer on an around-the-world voyage. So far, there have been murders in London, France, Italy and Japan. While his ship is docked in Honolulu, the Inspector is shot and wounded by his quarry. Though he survives, he is unable to continue with the cruise, and Charlie takes his place instead. Eventually, after more murders, Charlie finds the killer before the next port of call. Directed by Hamilton MacFadden
Writing Credits: Earl Derr Biggers - novel; Barry Conners, Philip Klein
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
John Garrick as Mark Kenaway
Marguerite Churchill as Pamela Potter
Warren Hymer as Max Minchin
Marjorie White as Sadie
C. Henry Gordon as John Ross
William Holden as Patrick Tait
George Brent as Capt. Ronald Keane
Peter Gawthorne as Inspector Duff
John T. Murray as Dr. Lofton
John Swor as Elmer Benbow
Goodee Montgomery as Mrs. Benbow
Jason Robards Sr. as Walter Honeywood
Lumsden Hare as Inspector Hayley
Zeffie Tilbury as Mrs. Luce
Betty Francisco as Sybil Conway
Harry Beresford as Kent
John Rogers as Martin
J. Gunnis Davis as Eben

The Black Camel (1931 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

Movie star Shelah Fayne is shooting a picture on location in Honolulu. She summons mystic adviser Tarneverro from Hollywood to help her decide whether to marry wealthy Alan Jaynes, a man she has only known for a week. Her friend Julie O'Neil worries that the famous psychic has too much influence over her. Meanwhile, Julie has fallen in love herself with local publicity director Jimmy Bradshaw.

Asked to help, Charlie pretends to be a humble merchant, but Tarneverro sees through his impersonation. Charlie mentions to him the yet unsolved murder of film star Denny Mayo, committed years before. Jimmy finds Shelah's body; she has been murdered. Julie makes him remove Shelah's ring before calling for the police.

Charlie investigates. He invites Tarneverro to assist him. Tarneverro reveals that Shelah told him she was in love with Denny and was responsible for his death, but kept quiet to protect her career. Charlie eventually wades through all the suspects and startling revelations to identify the killer and the connection to Mayo's death.

Directed by Hamilton MacFadden
Writing Credits: Earl Derr Biggers - novel; Barry Conners, Philip Klein, Dudley Nichols - writers; Hugh Stange - adaptation
Warner Oland as Inspector Charlie Chan
Sally Eilers as Julie O'Neil
Bela Lugosi as Tarneverro / Arthur Mayo
Dorothy Revier as Shelah Fane
Victor Varconi as Robert Fyfe, Shelah's ex-husband
Murray Kinnell as Archie Smith
William Post Jr. as Alan Jaynes
Robert Young as Jimmy Bradshaw
Violet Dunn as Anna, the maid
J.M. Kerrigan as Thomas MacMasters
Mary Gordon as Mrs. MacMasters
Rita Rozelle as Luana
Otto Yamaoka as Kashimo, Chan's assistant
Uncredited players: Dwight Frye as Jessop the Butler, C. Henry Gordon as Huntley Van Horn, Robert Homans as Chief of Police, Hamilton MacFadden as Val Martino - Movie Director, Louise Mackintosh as Housekeeper, Richard Tucker as Wilkie Ballou, James Wang as Wong - Chinese Cook, Marjorie White as Rita Ballou
Charlie Chan's Chance (1932 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster
This is a lost film.

Charlie is the intended murder victim here, and he avoids death only by chance. To find the murderer Charlie must outguess Scotland Yard and New York City police.

Directed by John G. Blystone
Writing Credits: Earl Derr Biggers - novel ("Behind That Curtain") & added suggestions; Barry Conners; Philip Klein
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Alexander Kirkland as John R. Douglas
H.B. Warner as Inspector Fife
Marian Nixon as Shirley Marlowe
Linda Watkins as Gloria Garland
James Kirkwood, Sr.|James Kirkwood as Inspector Flannery
Ralph Morgan as Barry Kirk
James Todd as Kenneth Dunwood
Herbert Bunston as Garrick Enderly
James Wang as Kee-Lin
Joe Brown as Doctor
Charles McNaughton as Paradise
Edward Peil Sr. as Li Gung
Uncredited players: William P. Carleton, Thomas A. Curran, Tom Kennedy as Hawkins Man in Police Line-Up
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (1933 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster
This is a lost film.
Remake of "The House Without A Key"
Directed by Hamilton MacFadden
Writing Credits: Earl Derr Biggers - novel; Lester Cole, Marion Orth - writers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Heather Angel as Carlotta Eagan
Roger Imhof as The Beachcomber
John Warburton as John Quincy Winterslip
Walter Byron as Henry Jennison
Ivan F. Simpson as Brade
Virginia Cherrill as Barbara Winterslip
Francis Ford as Captain Hallett
Robert Warwick as Dan Winterslip
Frank McGlynn Sr. as Amos Winterslip
Clara Blandick as Minerva Winterslip
Claude King as Capt. Arthur Cope
William Stack as James Eagan
Gloria Roy as Arlene Compton
Cornelius Keefe as Steve Letherbee
Frances Chan as Youngest Chan Daughter
Alan Dong as Chan Son
David Dong as Chan Son
Frank Dong as Chan Son
Charlie Chan's Courage (1934 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster
This is a lost film.

Charlie is hired to deliver a pearl necklace to a millionaire at his ranch. When the rich man is murdered, Charlie disguises himself as a Chinese servant and begins sleuthing.
Remake of "The Chinese Parrot"

Directors: Eugene Forde, George Hadden
Writing Credits: Earl Derr Biggers - novel; Seton I. Miller
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Drue Leyton as Paula Graham
Donald Woods as Bob Crawford
Paul Harvey as J.P. Madden / Jerry Delaney
Murray Kinnell as Martin Thorne
Reginald Mason as Alexander Crawford
Virginia Hammond as Mrs. Sally Jordan
Si Jenks as Will Holley
Harvey Clark as Professor Gamble
Jerry Jerome as Maydorf
Jack Carter as Victor Jordan
James Wang as Wong
DeWitt C. Jennings as Constable Brackett
Francis Ford as Hewitt
Lucille Miller as Stenographer
Charlie Chan in London (1934 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

An English man is convicted of murder and sentenced to die. His sister and her fiance, convinced of his innocence, ask Charlie to investigate. Charlie's investigation lead him to a country manor house populated by many suspicious characters. Events indicate the murderer is still actively trying to avoid capture but Charlie sets a trap to reveal the criminal's identity.

Directed by Eugene Forde
Writing Credits: Philip MacDonald - original screen play; Earl Derr Biggers; Stuart Anthony, Lester Cole - additional dialogue
Warner Oland as Inspector Charlie Chan
Drue Leyton as Pamela Gray
Ray Milland as Neil Howard (as Raymond Milland)
Mona Barrie as Lady Mary Bristol
Alan Mowbray as Geoffrey Richmond
Murray Kinnell as Phillips
Douglas Walton as Hugh (Paul) Gray
Walter Johnson as Jerry Garton
E.E. Clive as Detective Sergeant Thacker
George Barraud as Major Jardine
Madge Bellamy as Mrs. Fothergill
David Torrence as Home Secretary
John Rogers as Lake
Paul England as Bunny Fothergill
Elsa Buchanan as Alice Rooney
Perry Ivins as Kemp
Uncredited players: Arthur Clayton as Warden, Phyllis Coghlan as Nurse, Mary Gordon as Prison Visitor, Helena Grant as Miss Judson - Kemp's Secretary, Claude King as RAF Aerodrome Commander, Margaret Mann as Housemaid, C. Montague Shaw as Doctor, Reginald Sheffield as Flight Cmdr. King, Doris Stone as Party Guest, Carlie Taylor as Party Guest
Charlie Chan in Paris (1935 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

Charlie's vacation in Paris is really a mission to investigate a bond-forgery racket. But his agent, apache dancer Nardi, is killed before she can tell him much. The case, complicated by a false murder accusation for Yvette Lamartine, is climaxed with a strange journey through the Paris sewers.

Directed by Lewis Seiler
Writing Credits: Edward T. Lowe Jr. & Stuart Anthony - screen play; Philip MacDonald - story; Earl Derr Biggers; William Allen Johnston
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Mary Brian as Yvette
Thomas Beck as Victor Descartes
Erik Rhodes as Max Corday
John Miljan as Albert Dufresne
Murray Kinnell as Henri Latouche
Minor Watson as Renard
John Qualen as Concierge
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Henry Kolker as M. Lamartine
Dorothy Appleby as Nardi
Ruth Peterson as Renee Jacquard
Perry Ivins as Bedell (as Perry Ivans)
Uncredited players: Lynn Bari as Night Club Patron, "Singe Bleu', Harry Cording as Gendarme Arresting Yvette, Gino Corrado as Pierre, waiter, Martin Faust as Airport Cabbie, Richard Kipling as Master of Ceremonies at the 'Singe Bleu', Wilfred Lucas as Doorman at the 'Singe Bleu', Paul McVey as Det. LaVerne, Rolfe Sedan as
August Tollaire as Concierge, Nardi's Hotel, Eddie Vitch as Sketch Artist
Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

Charlie is brought in when an archaeologist disappears while excavating ancient art treasures in Egypt. An X-ray machine reveals the presence of a corpse in an Egyptian sarcophagus. It is not that of an ancient Egyptian but the body of the archaeologist.

Charlie must sort out the stories of the archaeological team, deal with the crazed son of the murdered scientist, learn why priceless treasures are falling into the hands of private collectors, and battle many seemingly supernatural events.

Directed by Louis King
Writing Credits: Robert Ellis & Helen Logan - original screenplay; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Pat Paterson as Carol Arnold
Thomas Beck as Tom Evans
Rita Hayworth as Nayda (as Rita Cansino)
Stepin Fetchit as Snowshoes
Jameson Thomas as Dr. Anton Racine
Frank Conroy as Prof. John Thurston
Nigel De Brulier as Edfu Ahmad
Paul Porcasi as Insp. Fouad Soueida
Arthur Stone as Dragoman
James Eagles as Barry Arnold
Frank Reicher as Dr. Jaipur
George Irving as Prof. Arnold
Anita Brown as Showshoes' Friend
John Davidson as Chemist Daoud Atrash
Uncredited players: John George as Harip - Grave Opener, Gloria Roy as Bit Girl,
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935 - Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

On his return to China, Charlie is honored at a Shanghai banquet for his many accomplishments. Prior to his speech Sir Stanley Woodland, a prominent official in the colony, confides to Charlie that he has discovered some sinister activities and wants to share the information with the detective as soon as they are alone.

When Sir Stanley is shot to death by a booby-trapped box, Charlie seeks to discover the undivulged secret as well as the killer. Along with Col. Watkins, the police commissioner, and G-Man James Andrews, Charlie works to expose an international opium-smuggling ring operating out of Shanghai. With the help of son Lee, he survives a kidnapping and murder attempt while exposing the identity of the head of the drug ring.

Directed by James Tinling
Writing Credits: Edward T. Lowe Jr. & Gerard Fairlie - original story and screen play; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Irene Hervey as Diana Woodland
Jon Hall as Philip Nash (as Charles Locher)
Russell Hicks as James Andrews
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Halliwell Hobbes as Chief of Police
Frederick Vogeding as Burke (as Frederik Vogeding)
Neil Fitzgerald as Dakin
Max Wagner as Taxi Driver
Uncredited players: Lynn Bari as Second Hotel Switchboard Operator, Luke Chan as Reporter, Jack Chefe as Reporter, Frank Darien as Bespectacled Tourist in Versailles Cafe, Harrison Greene as Tourist in Versailles Cafe, Charles Haefeli as Crook on Boat, Eddie Hart as 'G' Man, Russell Hopton as 'G' Man, Gladden James as Forrest, Valet, Colin Kenny as Reporter, Eddie Lee as Servant, James B. Leong as Shanghai Police Operator, Tony Merlo as Ship's Waiter, Torben Meyer as French Diplomat, Moy Ming as Sun Wong, Pat O'Malley as Belden, Jimmy Phillips as Reporter, Regina Rambeau, Pat Somerset as Reporter, Harry Strang as Chauffeur, Phil Tead as Reporter, Sammee Tong as Waiter, David Torrence as Sir Stanley Woodland, Guy Usher as President of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, Beal Wong as Reporter, Jehim Wong as Rickshaw Boy at Dock, Walter Wong as Waiter, Joan Woodbury as Dancer in Versailles Cafe
Charlie Chan's Secret (1936 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

After an ocean liner sinks off Honolulu, Allen Colby, heir to millions, is presumed dead. Charlie is not so sure and flies to San Francisco to investigate further. However, Colby turns up there ahead of him but is murdered before he can claim his inheritance.

The Lowells have been living off the Colby fortune, and now someone is trying to kill Henrietta Lowell, matriarch of the family. Further events revolve around spiritualist Mrs. Lowell, her family of suspicious characters, and the spooky, untenanted Colby mansion, where the body turns up during a seance.

Directed by Gordon Wiles
Writing Credits: Robert Ellis & Helen Logan - screenplay; Joseph Hoffman; Robert Ellis & Helen Logan - original story; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Rosina Lawrence as Alice Lowell
Charles Quigley as Dick Williams
Henrietta Crosman as Henrietta Lowell
Edward Trevor as Fred Gage
Astrid Allwyn as Janice Gage
Herbert Mundin as Baxter
Jonathan Hale as Warren T. Phelps
Egon Brecher as Ulrich
Gloria Roy as Carlotta
Ivan Miller as Morton
Arthur Edmund Carewe as Professor Bowen (as Arthur Edmund Carew)
Uncredited players: William Bailey as Det. Harris, Francis Ford as Captain of Salvage Ship, Bud Geary as Policeman, Chuck Hamilton as Policeman, James T. Mack as Fingerprint Man, Jerry Miley as Allen Colby, Landers Stevens as Coroner, Brick Sullivan as Policeman
Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

When Charlie receives free passes to the circus for him and his entire family, he soon realizes that there are strings attached as the big top's co-owner asks him to investigate threatening letters that he received. Before he can do so, the man is murdered.

Charlie soon finds out that the co-owner was not a particularly pleasant or well-liked individual and among the many suspects are his partner, a snake charmer and the menagerie's gorilla. Son Lee, usually an enthusiastic assistant for his father, is distracted by the show's beautiful contortionist.

Directed by Harry Lachman
Writing Credits: Robert Ellis & Helen Logan - original screen play; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
George Brasno as Tim (as George)
Olive Brasno as Tiny
Francis Ford as John Gaines
Maxine Reiner as Marie Norman
John McGuire as Hal Blake
Shirley Deane as Louise Norman
Paul Stanton as Joe Kinney
J. Carrol Naish as Tom Holt
Boothe Howard as Dan Farrell
Drue Leyton as Nellie Farrell
Wade Boteler as Lieutenant Macy
Shia Jung as Su Toy
Uncredited players: John Aasen as Giant Man, John Dilson as Doctor, Franklyn Farnum as Mike - Ticket Taker, Charles Gemora as Gorilla, Faye Lee as Chan Daughter, Han Hsiang Li as Chan Son, Annie Mar as Mrs. Chan, Paul McVey as Ringmaster, Lily Mui as Second Youngest Daughter, Stanton Mui as Chan Son, Richard Ung as Chan Son
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

When a prominent racehorse owner winds up dead-allegedly kicked to death by his prized stallion, Charlie Chan is called in to investigate. But when the indomitable detective discovers evidence of foul play, he's soon hot on the hooves of an international gambling ring with an evil plot to turn the racetracks of the world into a trifecta of terror!

Directed by H. Bruce Humberston
Writing Credits: Robert Ellis, Helen Logan, Edward T. Lowe Jr. - screen play; Lou Breslow & Saul Elkins - story; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Helen Wood as Alice Fenton
Thomas Beck as Bruce Rogers
Alan Dinehart as George Chester
Gavin Muir as Bagley
Gloria Roy as Catherine Chester
Jonathan Hale as Warren Fenton
G.P. Huntley Jr. as Denny Barton
George Irving as Major Kent
Frank Coghlan Jr. as Eddie Brill
Frankie Darro as 'Tip' Collins
John Rogers as Mooney
John Henry Allen as 'Streamline' Jones
Harry Jans as Al Meers
Uncredited players: Sidney Bracey as Ship's Steward, Wally Dean as Race Judge, James Eagles as Chick Patten, Robert Ellsworth as Cop, Eddie Fetherston as Reporter, Sammy Finn as Gangster, Neil Fitzgerald as Undetermined Role, Paul Fix as Lefty, James Flavin as Detective at Headquarters, Sam Flint as Ship's Captain, J.C. Fowler as Race Judge, Jack Green as Pinkerton Man, Ray Hanson as Third Officer, Eddie Hart as Detective, Sam Hayes as Radio Announcer, Holmes Herbert as Chief Steward, Melbourne Cup, Lew Hicks as Cop, Robert Homans as Judge, Boothe Howard as Ship's Doctor, H. Bruce Humberstone as Gambler, Selmer Jackson as J.L. Lansing, Racing Secretary, Jerry Jerome as Chuck, Colin Kenny as Judge, Al Kikume as Plainclothes Policeman in White Suit, Wilbur Mack as Bookie, George Magrill as Detective, Clyde McAtee as Pinkerton Man, Tom McGuire as Track Official, Art Miles as Railbird, Ivan Miller as Wade, Lucille Miller as Secretary, Bruce Mitchell as Gateman, Jack Mulhall as Second Purser, Pat O'Malley as Track Official, William Oakley as Seaman, Cyril Ring as Race Track Extra, Leslie Sketchley as Seaman, Larry Steers as Railbird, Harry Strang as Detective, Bobby Tanzel as Gilroy, Forrest Taylor as Man Who Says 'I'll Phone Al', David Thursby as Steward, Harland Tucker as Joe, Gangster, Max Wagner as Joe, Robert Warwick as Police Chief, Billy Wayne as Smithers, Charles Williams as Reporter, Norman Willis as Gangster, David Worth as Detective
Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

Gravelle, a former baritone believed dead after an opera house fire, has been languishing in a mental institution for the past seven years, an anonymous amnesiac. When he fortuitously sees a news story about his former wife's current appearance at the local opera, his memory returns.

He escapes, and, disguised in costume, seeks revenge for a failed attempt on his life years earlier. When the guilty parties are found stabbed to death, Charlie and son Lee try to find out if the dangerous fugitive is the one responsible.
Included in the movie is the opera "Carnival", composed for the picture by Oscar Levant.

Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone
Writing Credits: Scott Darling, Charles Belden - screen play; Bess Meredyth - story; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Boris Karloff as Gravelle
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Charlotte Henry as Mlle. Kitty
Thomas Beck as Phil Childers
Margaret Irving as Mme. Lilli Rochelle
Gregory Gaye as Enrico Barelli
Nedda Harrington as Mme. Anita Barelli
Frank Conroy as Mr. Whitely
Guy Usher as Inspector Regan
William Demarest Sergeant Kelly
Maurice Cass as Mr. Arnold
Tom McGuire as Morris
Uncredited players: William Bailey as Detective, Charles Bancroft as Soldier in Opera, John Bleifer as Murdered Orderly, Stanley Blystone as Backstage Cop (shoots Gravelle), Myrta Bonillas as Villager in Opera, Raymond Brown as Guard, Carita Crawford as Dancer in Opera, Patrick Cunning as Villager in Opera, Zari Elmassian as Mme. Rochelle (singing voice), Frank Fanning as Cop, Jim Farley as Detective, Adolph Faylauer as Opera Spectator, Larry Fisher as Cop, Benson Fong as Opera Supernumerary, J.C. Fowler as Opera Spectator, Otto Fries as Innkeeper, Bud Geary as Cop, Milton Gowman as Villager in Opera, Herschel Graham as Villager in Opera, Harrison Greene as Detective, Julia Griffith as Opera Spectator, Cliff Herd as Stagehand, Charles Anthony Hughes as Ambulance Doctor, Selmer Jackson as Hudson - Wire-Photo Technician, Gladden James as Regan's Secretary, Jane Keckley as 2nd Wardrobe Woman, Fred Kelsey as Dugan, Policeman, Karl Malden as Hospital Attendant, Leonard Mellon as Villager in Opera, Tony Merlo as Villager in Opera, Dodo Newton as Barmaid in Opera, Eddie Parker as Cop, Richard Powell as Cop, Enrique de Rosas as Florist, Tony Roux as Villager in Opera, Dick Rush as Detective, Alexander Schoenberg as Prompter, Eddie Shubert as Guard, Lee Shumway as Sanatarium Guard, Mary Louise Smith as Villager in Opera, Harry Strang as Cop, Eddie Tamblyn as Call Boy, Marjorie Timm as Villager in Opera, Harland Tucker as Private Detective, Hilda Vaughn as Agnes - Wardrobe Woman, Emmett Vogan as Smitty - Wire-Photo Technician, Billy Wayne as Electrician, Mary Wickes as Opera Spectator, Tudor Williams as Gravelle's Singing Voice (voice), Joan Woodbury as Dancer in Opera
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

When an experimental plane is hijacked and its pilot murdered, the new guidance system that will allow it to fly unmanned is stolen. Charlie traces the important invention to the current summer Olympic games in Berlin, where spies, enemy agents and criminals are ruthlessly pursuing it in order to sell it to another government. Charlie's son Lee, a member of the U.S. Olympic Swim Team, is on hand to help his father recover the device and solve the mystery.

Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone
Writing Credits: Robert Ellis, Helen Logan - screen play; Paul Burger - original story; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Katherine de Mille as Yvonne Roland
Pauline Moore as Betty Adams
Allan Lane as Richard Masters
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
C. Henry Gordon as Arthur Hughes
John Eldredge as Cartwright
Layne Tom Jr. as Charlie Chan, Jr.
Jonathan Hale as Hopkins
Morgan Wallace as Honorable Charles Zaraka
Fredrik Vogeding as Captain Strasser
Andrew Tombes as Police Chief Scott
Uncredited players: William Begg as Minor Role, Brooks Benedict as Zaraka Henchman, Stanley Blystone as New York Policeman, Walter Bonn as Polizei Officer, Don Brodie as Radio Announcer, Glen Cavender as Polizei Officer, George Chandler as Ship's Radio Operator, Arno Frey as Carlos, Hans Fuerberg as Polizei Radio-car Officer, Theresa Harris as Black US Team Member On Sidelines Rooting for Jesse Owens, Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian as Miller, David S. Horsley as Test Pilot Edwards, Selmer Jackson as Navy Commander, Hans Joby as Polizei Radio-car Officer, Edward Keane as Army Colonel, Al Kikume as Uniformed Officer at Microphone / Desk in Police Station, Tommy Klein as Minor Role, Tony Merlo as Minor Role, Ralph Metcalfe as Himself (archive footage), Philip Morris as Cop, Louis Natheaux as Minor Role, Virgil B. Nover as Minor Role, Jesse Owens as Himself (archive footage), Paul Panzer as German Undercover Officer Posing as Snack Vendor, Caroline Rankin as Miller's Landlady, Fritz Schilgen as Himself - Olympic Flame Lighter (archive footage), Perry E. Seeley as Minor Role, Lee Shumway as Cop, Minerva Ureca as Gang Member Posing as Olympics Matron, Dale Van Sickel as Minor Role, Emmett Vogan as Ship's Officer, Wilhelm von Brincken as Polizei Officer, Billy Wayne as Ship's Steward Guarding Stateroom, Frank Wykoff as Himself (archive footage)
Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

Billie Bronson secretes a package in the trunk of Charlie Chan aboard a New York-bound transatlantic liner. Charlie and number one son, Lee are met at the pier by Inspector Nelson and two rival reporters, Joan Wendall and Speed Patton. Billie, having left the country hurriedly a year ago when sought as a material witness in a political scandal, has returned to "blow the lid off the town." She follows the Chans to their hotel and attempts to regain her package from the trunk, only to be interrupted by Lee.

Followed by Lee, she then goes to the Hottentot Club where "candid-camera night" is in full progress. Already present are Joan and Speed. Billie is mysteriously murdered and Charlie is summoned from a police banquet in his honor. Present in the room with the body are club manager Johnny Burke; club dancer and Burke's girl-friend Marie Collins and the two reporters. While seeking a motive for the murder, a second killing is discovered in Charlie's hotel room, the package is missing from Charlie's trunk and it is realized that it must have contained her diary. Charlie neatly puts together a few scattered clues and names the killer.

Directed by Eugene Forde
Writing Credits: Charles Belden, Jerome Cady - screen play; Art Arthur, Robert Ellis, Helen Logan - original story; Earl Derr Bigger
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Joan Marsh as Joan Wendall
J. Edward Bromberg as Murdock
Douglas Fowley as Johnny Burke
Harold Huber as Inspector Nelson
Donald Woods as Speed Patten
Louise Henry as Billie Bronson
Joan Woodbury as Marie Collins
Leon Ames as Buzz Moran
Marc Lawrence as Thomas Mitchell
Toshia Mori as Ling Tse (as Tashia Mori)
Charles Williams as Meeker
Eugene Borden as Louie
Uncredited players: Victor Adams as Gangster, Norman Ainsley as Steward, Sam Ash as Waiter, James Blaine as Detective, Esther Brodelet as Dancer, Don Brodie as Reporter, Harry Burns as Policeman, Allan Cavan as Doorman, Lon Chaney Jr. as Desk Man, Jack Clifford as Detective, Harry Depp as Candid Camera Snapper, Lester Dorr as Photographer, Jack Dougherty as Policeman, Eddie Dunn as Policeman, Carl Faulkner as Policeman, Sid Fields as Porter, James Flavin as Detective, Allen Fox as Reporter, George Guhl as Smitty, Policeman, Charles Haefeli as Pickpocket, Creighton Hale as Reporter, Sherry Hall as Reporter, Chuck Hamilton as Policeman, Beulah Hutton as Telephone Operator, William Jeffrey as Coroner, Kenner G. Kemp as Candid Camera Fan at Hottentot Club, Robert Lowery as Reporter, Robert Middlemass as Police Official, Art Miles as Porter, Philip Morris as Customs Officer, Billy O'Brien as Copy Boy, Paddy O'Flynn as Photographer, Henry Otho as Detective, Franklin Parker as Reporter, George Regas as Hindu, Cyril Ring as Candid Camera Fan at Hottentot Club, Don Rowan as Policeman, Gloria Roy as Hat Check Girl, Lee Shumway as Policeman, Edwin Stanley as Lab Technician, Harry Strang as Mac, Policeman, Monte Vandergrift as Detective, Blue Washington as Doorman at Hottentot Club, Billy Wayne as Reporter, Allen Wood as Bellhop
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937 - 20th Century Fox) Charlie Chan Movie Poster

Charlie is in Monte Carlo for an art exhibit in which son Lee has a painting on display. Charlie meets a Monaco police inspector who knows Charlie's reputation and insists on comping him at the local casino. In the casino Charlie witnesses the animosity between two rival financiers, Victor Karnoff and Paul Savarin, who have a long standing feud.

After Lee has lost all the house money he has been advanced by the inspector, the Chans are stranded on the way to the Nice airport when their taxi breaks down. While walking along the road, they come across the murdered body of Karnoff's courier, who had been carrying valuable bearer bonds for his employer. Charlie and Lee return to Monte Carlo, where they help the inspector solve the crime. Among the many suspects are Savarin, Evelyn Gray, a beautiful blonde without visible means of support, and Al Rogers, a shady bartender who is blackmailing Mrs. Karnoff.
Warner Oland's last film.

Directed by Eugene Forde
Writing Credits: Charles Belden, Jerome Cady - screen play; Robert Ellis, Helen Logan - original story; Earl Derr Biggers
Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Virginia Field as Evelyn Grey
Sidney Blackmer as Victor Karnoff
Harold Huber as Jules Joubert
Kay Linaker as Joan Karnoff
Robert Kent as Gordon Chase
Edward Raquello as Paul Savarin
George Lynn as Al Rogers
Louis Mercier as Taxi Driver
George Davis as Pepite
John Bleifer as Ludwig
Georges Renavent as Renault
Uncredited players: Emil Bistagne as Minor Role, Eugene Borden as Hotel Clerk, Jack Chefe as Attendant, André Cheron as Croupier, Marcelle Corday as Concierge, Gennaro Curci as Waiter, Jean De Briac as Doorman, Victor De Linsky as Gendarme, Art Dupuis as Minor Role, Fred Farrell as French Townsman, Antonio Filauri as Waiter, Constant Franke as Croupier, Robert Graves as Gendarme, Sherry Hall as Bartender, Ramsay Hill as Casino Patron, Alphonse Martell as Gendarme, Harold Miller as Casino Patron, Manuel París as Doorman, Jean Perry as Gendarme, John Picorri as Waiter, Albert Pollet as Attaché, Joseph Romantini as Attaché, George Sorel as Gendarme, Leo White as French Butler

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